Welcome to Your Juicy Sacred Life!


Life is a miracle that is meant to be enjoyed!

We experience art, food, activity, travel, people, culture, and the world at large as a playground of adventure, experience, and love.

Our 5 physical senses are a direct path to pleasure and enjoyment, our receptors and translators for the lovely, tasty qualities of life!

Earth and our earthly existence can be the gateway to a deeper partnership with spirit, in the form that most resonates with us.

Sensual living is a Juicy path. Earth is an extraordinary garden of delight, not something to suffer through until we walk on, hopefully earning reward in the afterlife. Life’s opportunities are here and NOW. Treasures await!

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Why the Pomegranate?

The symbolism of the pomegranate goes deep into the ancient world, carrying themes of  marriage and fertility, abundance and prosperity, and the fullness of release and rebirth.


The important things in life are often invisible, unquantifiable, and mysterious.

We experience the Sacred in All Things.  It is an attitude of respect, wonder, awe, trust, admiration of beauty, and active, loving engagement in the world.

 The senses beyond our physical life can lead us into the realm of spirit and soul. Under the everyday reality, there is a larger logic, a connective intelligence that puts us in front of the miraculous regularly.

Interaction with the Sacred in the everyday reminds us that we are much more than flesh and blood in a genetic arrangement of molecules…we are made of stars, and universes reside within each of us.


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