Dreaming Your Relationship into Being free audio MP3

YES, you can have the relationship of your DREAMS! 

For individuals and couples who seek authentic love in their life

Higher Love 101

Introduction to the UNIFY CODEX eCourse

Join Licia and Peter Berry for this ground-breaking 4-week exploration and illumination to tune you in to Higher Love, for singles and couples who want more than the “standard-issue’ relationship!
~Do you find yourself aching for something that you almost can’t even name? 
~Do you sense there is more to life than what has shown up for you?
~Did you have an innocent idea of love as a child that you haven’t found in your adult life (yet?)
~(AND, have you ever noticed how many relationship “experts” out there have been divorced and remarried 3 or 4 times, or are SINGLE?)

JOIN Licia and Peter Berry, with a FRESH perspective that you’ve NEVER HEARD before for this exploration of partnered, respectful love…within and with others! 

Money is Divine: Breaking the Chains

Free eBook!

Detailing the healing of their relationship with money as a result of Peter and Licia’s 7-year family odyssey with their children, using a holistic system of healing they developed on the road!

From debt-laden and one month’s expenses in the bank…to debt-free with multiple savings accounts, while putting two kids through college…they found the alchemy that made their relationship with money whole.

 MONEY is DIVINE! eCourse

 Is Money your Friend or Foe? Get to the root of your issues, and Heal your Relationship with Money for Good!

 In our 6-segment eCourse, learn:

  •  The 5 Steps to Healing Your Relationship with Money
  •  How your Ancestry impacts your Money
  •  The Cultural Projections onto Money that keep us in a Child-like Relationship with it
  •  The Common Traps we Set for Money that actually Repel it
  •  A Holistic System of Being in Balanced, Respectful Relationship with Money
  •  and much, much more!   FREE YOURSELF of the old drama and trauma!